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20 breathtaking Trails

ABOUT THE EVENT / Important information

This is a kind note to inform you that, unfortunately, due to the geopolitical situation, Eurorando 2022 will not take place as scheduled. Together with ERA Board, we decided to hold a SIBIU WALKING EVENT during 11.09-18.09.2022, but this will not be a regular EURORANDO event, as we did not manage to bring enough walking friends together.

We trust this might be an unexpected message for all EURORANDO friends.
If you wish to come during any other period and discover Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania, please feel free to contact us at or

We remain at your entire disposal for any questions or assistance you might need for your next trip to Romania!.

Thank you for your understanding and kind regards

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Dear ERA Conference participants & EURORANDO friends,

As scheduled, Eurorando 2021 will take place between 26.09 – 03.10. 2021 in Sibiu Romania and ERA Conference between  29.09-02.10.2020. Please find below the current regulations and the most important hygiene measures, so that your trip will be both a pleasant and safe experience!

Your vaccination, test, or recovery certificate in English (e.g. EU Digital Covid Certificate)

  • Vaccination: Only fully completed vaccination cycles will be recognized, after at least 10 days (day of vaccination = day 0) following administration of the last required dose: Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca: 2 partial vaccinations. Janssen (Johnson & Johnson): 1 single dose
  • Test: the negative result of a PCR test (not older than 72 hours). Antigen or self-tests are not accepted.
  • Recovery: The certificate of recovery is recognized 15 to 90 days after a confirmed infection.


Currently (01.09.2021) You can enter  Romania without restrictions by presenting one of the above-mentioned certificates.  For those who cannot meet the above, Romania has a colored zone classification made by Romanian Health Authority and it is updated on an ongoing basis:  Persons entering Romania from a green country will not be subject to any restriction,  but yellow or red zone countries are exempt from quarantine and registration requirements only if they can present a valid vaccination certificate (see above).  Wearing a mask is mandatory in closed/ indoor spaces (shops, hotels, restaurants until seating, public transport, etc.)  and highly recommended in outdoor crowded areas. Hand disinfectants are also recommended and available everywhere now. More information on the current situation on RE-OPEN EU:

We, as organizers, will take some extra safety measures, as follows:

We will ask hotels to accommodate our groups and any individual guests on the same floors, or same hotel area, so we can create something like one bubble. All activities during the EURORANDO event and ERA Conference will be private in order to keep everyone on the safe side.


C2: Legends and Myths of Transylvania

Fans of Dracula Stories probably know that Transylvania is home to supernatural, legendary and folkloristic adventures. From haunted castles, monasteries, and forests to vampires, werewolves, poltergeists, and "iele". Get ready for goosebumps! This day trip will take you to one of the world’s most famous castles – The Bran Castle, also knows as “Dracula’s Castle”. You will also enjoy a city tour of Brașov – one of Transylvania’s most iconic medieval cities.

C1: UNESCO Sites: Biertan and Sighișoara

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you're looking for an unforgettable experience, we got the perfect recipe - an enchanting fairy tale atmosphere mixed with medieval Saxon mystery. Join us

C3: The Ultimate Culinary Experience

Sweet, savory, and extra flavorful. Join us on this culinary quest, centered around 3 villages and their most delicious produce.

C4: Alba Iulia Citadel and Câlnic Fortress

This relaxing day trip is centered around events that shaped Romanian History. Join us on a detailed sightseeing tour of An intact Vauban-Style heptagram-shaped Citadel and an UNESCO protected medieval Fortress.

C5: All about Sibiu

This 3-hour relaxing walk across The Historic City Center of Sibiu will reveal all the reasons Sibiu is arguably one of those cities you inevitably and irreversibly fall in love with.

H1: Făgăraș Gates, a Saxon Village, and a Cistercian Abbey

This 3h relaxing hiking trip has a little bit of everything: the beauty of the varied relief forms spreading across The Făgăraş Gates in Ţara Oltului, a wholesome brunch and idyllic walk around the lovely Saxon village of Cincșor, and a tour of the only Cisterician Abbey in Eastern Europe.

H2: Outdoor thrills at Transfăgărășan

Outdoor thrills and exciting roads, wrapped in mesmerizing sceneries. This day trip is dedicated to adventurous hikers who are up for a challenge. Join us on high difficulty 3-hour hike in the Bâlea area. We will end our day at the serene Brukenthal Summer Palace Gradens.

H3: Breathtaking heights and ice-cold waterfalls

A high difficulty 4-hour hike in the Bâlea Area, which will be generously rewarded with a delicious lunch break and a breathtaking view over the widely spreading valleys of Transylvania.

H4: The Valleys of Transfăgărășan and a Summer Palace

An intense hike with a breathtaking view, followed by a relaxing walk along the walls of the inky Cistercian Abbey in Eastern Europe. We will unwind in the evening, in the Gardens of the Brukenthal Summer Palace.

H5: Cheese enjoyed at the top

Cheese tasting, outdoor lunch, and a refreshing hike. This 5 hour medium difficulty hike is dedicated to those who like to use all their senses when exploring new places.

H6: The tale of Sadu

Educative and relaxing, this 3 hour medium difficulty hike is dedicated to those who like to dig deep into the history of their surroundings.

H7: Of Museums and hills

A museum, a refreshing hike and a savory outdoor lunch are just that the doctor ordered. Join us in our 5-hour medium difficulty hike across 2 Transylvanian villages.

H8: A delicious Saxon past

This day trip is all about trying new things and discovering new angles. Join us on a 4hour casual adventure in one of the most well-preserved rural regions of Transylvania.

H9: A quest for the taste buds

This 3-hour casual hike will end in a real feast for the taste buds: an authentic bacon tasting. Rambling across an awarded village, hiking in the mesmerizing mountains bordering Sibiu, and a culinary experience, all, dedicated to a deep understanding of the variety that is Sibiu.

H10: The ultimate explorer

Join us on this exciting hike and become the ultimate explorer. We start our day by experiencing the elevating thrill of conquering two peaks. After our hike is finished, we relax and unwind, by heading to the villages of Cârța and Avrig, where a Cistercian Abbey and a Summer Palace await for us.

H11: An open air experience

Fascinated by time travel? We may not yet have the technology to make it possible, but there this relaxing hike will provide you with almost the same experience.⁠ The ASTRA Open Air Museum was established in 1963 and is the largest open-air ethnography exhibit in Europe.⁠ After an idyllic walk around the Museum, we are headed for a Saxon experience. Savory brunch and authentic Hencklesch, served directly from a Saxon household, are just one of the may exciting things waiting for you on this trip.

H12: A story of the past

Live Organ Concert, delicious outdoor brunch, a Fortress visit and two rambling sessions in one day trip. This is what we call a creatively tailored hike.

H13: Unique Icons on glass

Join us on a 5hour hike of medium difficulty, across the wonderful villages of Sibiu. Gura Râului and Sibiel, explored in depth, with our experienced tour guide.

H14: The wonders of Sibiu

This day is dedicated to the highlights of our beautiful city Sibiu. Explore the Historic City Center, then stroll along a sunny route straight to the biggest and most fascinating open air museum in Eastern Europe - The ASTRA Open-Air Museum.

H15: A salty lake

Hiking around Rășinari, savory outdoor lunch at Sibiel, and a refreshing bath at Ocna Sibiului.


Getting here


There are several ways to travel to Sibiu. Choose the one that suits you most, by visiting our getting here page.
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  • 10% off if you book until 31.01.2022
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  • Groups: 15.06.2022
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Group Bookings will be available starting 1st of November 2021. Individual Bookings will be available starting 1st of November 2021. Please find more details here.

Our promise

All EURORANDO trails were thoughtfully developed with the well-being and sustainability of our local communities and surroundings in mind. Our hiking routes are meant to protect, respect, and preserve the environment.
We vow to leave no trace of our passing by keeping everything the way it was before. More so, particular trails were designed to have a positive impact on our local communities and their economic growth, by endorsing the authentic experiences offered to you in forms of culinary tastings and brunches. In addition to these, we promise to plant trees for each EURORANDO participant, to help afforestation in our communities.

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